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Influencers and Connectivity: Key Elements in Today's Event Marketing

In an era where social media has gained significant importance in digital marketing, more and more connected events are focusing on creating brand experiences for bloggers and influencers. But who are these influencers? Why and how should you invite them to your event? And most importantly, how can you ensure good internet connectivity at your event so that bloggers can communicate and promote your brand or event on social networks?

Influencers: A Not-So-New Concept

Since the 1960s, the most innovative brands have relied on influencers, long before the advent of the internet and connected events. Even then, some brands engaged popular personalities, who were loved by the public and inspiring. This concept of a "brand ambassador" ensured effective communication during advertising campaigns and public appearances of the star. The collaboration between Marilyn Monroe and Coco Chanel is a classic example.

Since then, things have changed. The advent of the internet and, more importantly, social media has significantly evolved the world of influencer marketing. Bloggers, the new kids on the block, have joined famous personalities to promote brands. Their influence is immense!

Not just brands, but music festivals, sports events, trade shows, and conferences are vying for their services to create content that, thanks to event WiFi, reaches beyond national borders.

Why and How to Invite Influencers to Your Event?

Influencers now play a major role in digital communication. Event organizers understand this. Influencers chat, tweet, like, post, Instagram, and more. Through their articles, videos, and photos, they broadcast your event on social networks. Your ephemeral event is no longer limited by time and space. It is permanently etched on the internet! You gain visibility, all for a modest budget. Inviting influencers and bloggers can have an impact comparable to radio or television advertising, but at a much lower cost!

Influencers have a unique advantage: closeness to the public. Many readers and internet users identify with influencers, creating a desire to buy, dress, or behave in the same way. Their popularity on networks is exceptional, to the point where famous YouTubers and Instagrammers are highly sought after by big brands! Plus, influencers understand the codes of internet communication. Thanks to their followers, they can quickly disseminate information and create adherence to objects, festivals, fairs, or other products they present.

To attract them, you need to pamper them. Value them! Pay attention to the presentation of your event, your animations, and the stage. Opting for an original venue outside of the classic halls is an excellent idea: an outdoor event in an unusual location will make an impression. This will inspire influencers, impress them, and make their photos, articles, and videos on networks more effective. Their communications on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok will be all the more effective.

But you also need to allow them to work under excellent conditions. And for that, your connected event must have stable and high-performance temporary WiFi for a reliable network. So, you need to think about an internet access solution for your temporary WiFi.

How to Get a Good Independent WiFi Internet Connection for My Social Media Influencers?

Here, we touch on the technical aspect of your event. But it's a crucial point to ensure its success and visibility. Your venue must have a very high-speed internet access solution, capable of supporting simultaneous connection density, especially if your event relies on an international audience.

Things are simple if your connection is already available on-site. It's then provided by the service provider renting you a room.

But do you want something other than a classic seminar room? Choosing an atypical place for your event is an excellent idea! Privatized terraces with exceptional views, green rooftops, castles in the middle of vineyards, gardens with luxurious large tents, illuminated barges, racetracks, village squares in the countryside... "Sky is the limit," as they say! And choosing an unusual place for your ephemeral event gives a bold and innovative image to your brand.

For this, you will need a WiFi solution on-site to allow your influencers to work. Of course, the connection must be excellent. Your influencers need reliable and fast internet to watch streaming or post a video. The dozens or hundreds of influencers you've invited will connect simultaneously to your temporary WiFi, which must be powerful enough to support this influx.

Bringing internet access is a priority, but it can be complex if your event takes place in an isolated outdoor location without an existing internet solution. It then becomes essential to turn to professionals specialized in event WiFi connection. These temporary network providers will bring a turnkey WiFi solution, relieving you of a complex technical aspect to manage.

Among the professionals, Peeble is an event WiFi network provider. These temporary WiFi experts will first survey and examine the location of the event. They will consider the most effective solutions to connect different spaces and offer you the best possible solution: a connection that is both high-performance and affordable. Satellite, temporary fiber, 4G or 5G: several possibilities exist for your temporary WiFi. Peeble professionals will then bring internet to the event location and deploy a WiFi architecture. Next, they will distribute the internet while ensuring the network's real-time proper functioning. These professionals are present to support you throughout the event. Once the mission is completed, they take care of dismantling the installation. One less burden for you to focus on other aspects of the organization and the success of your project.

Fingers crossed, and networks connected: your connected event might just go viral!



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